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Korean-Russian Student Forum


01. The Promotion of Mutual Exchange between Korean and Russian Students

Korean-Russian Student Forum aims to further the relationship begun after the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Russia through mutual exchange of students. It is based on awareness that building a network for the new generation is important to the future improvement of political, economic, social and cultural ties between the two countries. It is hoped it will lay the groundwork for such a network.

02. Building the Korean-Russian Long-term Exchange Channel

The Korean-Russian Student Forum will create a concrete channel to improve Korean-Russian student exchanges in the long term. With this in mind, we will seek ways to promote academic ties and friendship between the two countries. Through academic and friendship societies, we will provide various programs in which students can participate which will enhance the network of the Korean-Russian Student Forum after they graduate from school.

Main Program

1. Regular Symposium

Academic exchange of students mostly in master's and doctoral courses

Hold the symposium annually

Include visiting scholars and visiting professors

Provide opportunities for active participation and communication

Pay lecture fees (or scholarships) to the speakers

Have a get-together to promote friendship after the symposium

2. Job Fair for international students

Introduce Russian and Korean companies

Offer information about Russian companies such as Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Mechel, etc.

Provide recruiter lectures from Samsung, LG, POSCO, etc.

Provide lectures from eminent persons in Russia and Korea

Invite Russian and Korean scientist to Daeduk Science Town

Invite diplomats from Russia and Korea

3. Regular Friendship Activities

Hiking or get-togethers

Sporting events for friendship

4. Invigorating the office of the Korean-Russian Student Forum

Develop programs to stably support future activities

Provide various facilities

5. Attendance in the Eurasia Film Festival

Join in various events including the Eurasia Film Festival held by the Asia-Pacific Research
Center (APRC), Hanyang University

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