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01 Director
Name Educational Background Institute
Gu Ho Eom Ph D. Moscow State University, Law Department of Russian Studies, GSIS Hanyang University

02 Executive Board
Name Educational Background Institute
Jin -Woo Choi Ph D. University of Washington, Politics Political Science and Diplomacy,
Hanyang University
Hong-Ryul Han Ph D. University of Pittsburgh, Economics Division of Economics and Finance,
Hanynag University
Heungho Moon Ph D. Hanyang University, Political Science Department of Chinese Studies,
GSIS Hanyang University
Jong Gul Kim Ph D. Keio University, Economics Department of Japanese Studies,
GSIS Hanyang University

03 Professors
Name Position Area of Specialty Detailed Specialty
Eom Gu HO 1 Russia, Caucasus
Kang Bong Koo HK professor Russia, Central Asia Eurasian International relations,
Russian Politics
Kim Young Jin HK professor Russia, Central Asia Russian Economy
Eurasian Economy
Park Young Eun HK professor Russia, Caucasus Eurasian Literature,
Eurasian Culture
Oh Won Kyo HK professor Russia, Central Asia Eurasian Literature,
Eurasian Culture
Jung Se Jin HK professor Russia, Caucasus Caucasus History, Eurasian
History of Religion and Culture
Ki Kye Hyeong HK research professor Russia, Central Asia History of Agriculture in Russia,
Everyday life in Russia
Byun HyunSeop HK research professor Russia, Caucasus
Shin Boram HK research professor
Sim JiEun HK research professor
Pyeong-Kun Woo HK research professor Russia, East Slavic Russian and East Slavic region
Politics Eurasia International
Lee Ji Yeon HK research professor Russia, East Slavic Eurasian Culture,
Eurasian Modern Literature
Hyun Seung Soo HK research professor Russia, Caucasus Eurasian International Relations,
Conflict, Terrorism
research professor
Kim Jong Ho research professor East Asia, Latin America East Asian and Latin American
Politics and Economy
research professor
research professor

04 Researchers
Name University Degree
Jeong-Sun Lee Hanyang University
Master, International Area Studies
Soo-Yeong Yoon Hanyang University
Master, International Area Studies

05 Adjunct Researchers
Professors of Hanyang University Outside researchers
Yea-Chul Son (Department of Chinese Language and Literature)
Soo Kyung Oh (Department of Chinese Language and Literature)
Doo Sub Kim (Department of Sociology)
Kaye Soon Im (Department of History)
Yeong-Ok Jeon (Joongang University) Yong-Jun Kim (Sungkyunkwan
Kwon-Ho Baek (Keimyung University) Seok-Heong Seo (Pukyong
National University)
Seok-Won, Chung (Department of Chinese Studies)
Hee Moon Yoo (Department of Chinese Studies)
oong-Min Han (Division of Business Administration)
Jie-Hyun Lim (Department of History)
Yushina, Lyudmila(GSIS)
Seung-Ham Yang (Yonsei University)
Chang-Jae Lee (KIEP)
Jae-Nam Ko (IFNAS)
Kyung-Wook Sim (KIDA)
Weon-Sik Kang (Kwandong University)
Suck-Kyo Ahn
(Division of Economics and Finance)
Yang-Taek Lim (Division of Economics
and Finance)
Myung-Chul Cho (member of research of KIEP, former professor of Kim Il Sung University)
Kyung-Wook Kim (expert adviser, Office of the South-North Dialog)
Yeong-Gu Yoo (Special Journalist for the Ministry of Unification, Joongang Ilbo)
Ji-Sun Hong (Head, North Korea Office of KOTRA)
Ansan Campus Sa-Kong, Jin (Division of Economics)
Myoung-Soo Kim (Department of Information Sociology)
Seoul Campus Jae-You Lee (Division of Business Administration)
Sang Chai Whang (Division of Social Sciences)
Ki-Jeong Lee (Department of English Language and Literature)
Seung-Chol Lee (GSIS)
Woo-Sang Kim (Professor, Yonsei University)
Byung-Kil Ahn (Professor, Seoul University)
Tae-Hyun Kim (Joongang University)
Geon Park (secretary, Presidential Secretariat)
Seoul Campus Kyung-Min Kim (Division of Social Sciences)
Jong-Gul Kim (GSIS)
Hoon Kim (member of research, Korea Labor Institute)
Doo Yong Kang (Senior Researcher, Japan Research Center of Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade)
Ansan Campus Tae Soo Ryu (Division of Business Administration)
Young-Cheol Kim (Department of Japanese Language & Culture)

06 Editorial Staffs of Sino-Soviet Affairs
Name institute
Jae-Nam Ko Institute of Foreign Affairs & National Security(IFNAS), Politics
Woo-Seung Kim Paichi University, Sociology
Jae-Chul Kim Catholic University of Korea, Politics
Heungho Moon Hanyang University, Politics
Seok-Heung Seo Pukyung University, Economics
Gu-ho Em Hanyang University, Public Administration
Seung-Ryul Oh Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Economics
Seung-Chol Lee Hanshin University, Politics
Hui-Ok Lee Hanshin University, Politics
Hong-Seop Lee Kookmin University, Politics
Deok-Jun Jang Kookmin University, Politics
Sung-Heung Cheon Sogang University, Politics
Yeo-Chon Jung Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, Economics
Jin-Woo Choi Hanyang University, Economics
Hong-Ryul Han Hanyang University, Economics

07 Administr-ative Office
Name Position
Soo-Yeong Park Administrative staff