Asia-Pacific Regions Research Society


The Asia-Pacific Research Center celebrated its 38th anniversary in 2012. It was re-established in May 1997, after extending and reorganizing the Institute for Sino-Soviet Studies, which had existed since 1974. Since its establishment, the center was appointed as a Priority Research Center by the Korea Research Foundation and an HK (Humanities Korea) research institute on overseas regions, which make it possible for the center to establish itself as a flagship research institute for area studies in Korea. It is no exaggeration to say that it owes its success to the efforts and love of the previous workers in the center. Up to now, there have been 100 researchers, and if one adds visiting researchers and research assistants, there have been in excess of 200. There are currently 40 researchers and research assistants in the center. Unfortunately, we haven't had many opportunities to promote friendship among the workers in this center who have made a commitment to the development of this center. For this reason, the Asia-Pacific Regions Research Society was established in 2006 to further mutual cooperation and improvement based on valuable ties within the Institute for Sino-Soviet Studies or the Asia-Pacific Research Center. It has been successful in promoting friendship and make up for each other's weaknesses.

The Inaugural Assembly and First General Meeting

Date: May 1st, 2006, 18:00 - 21:00

Venue: 7th Floor, Advanced Materials and Chemical Engineering Building, Hanyang University

The first president and board members

The first president: Se-Hee Yoo (Professor Emeritus, Hanyang University)
Board members: Jae-Nam Ko (the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security), Woo-Seung Kim (Pai Chai University), Jae-Chul Kim (Catholic University), Jong-gul Kim (Hanyang University), Heong-Ho Moon (Hanyang University), Seok-Heoung Seo (Pukyung University), Gu-Ho Eom (Hanyang University), Seung-Ryul Oh (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), Sung-Chull Lee (Hanyang University), Jae-Yoo Lee (Hanyang University), Hui-Ok Lee (Hanshin University), Deok_Jun Jang (Kookmin University), Seong_Heung Jeon (Sogang University), Yeo-Chon Jung (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy), Jin-Woo Choi (Hanyang University), Hong_Ryeol Han (Hanyang University)


A majority of society members shall be persons who:

Have worked in the Asia-Pacific Research Center (the Institute for Sino-Soviet Studies) or participated in the work of APRC

Associate themselves with this society's objectives and help its activities and who received approval of the president after having won the approval of the board.