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JES (Journal of Eurasian Studies)

The Journal of Eurasian Studies (JES) is an international academic journal in English. Its first issue was published in 2010 and it is issued twice a year. It is produced and distributed by Elsevier Ltd. in the Netherlands. All articles can be downloaded at no cost at the website of SCOPUS in the Netherlands, famous for its academic databases (ScienceDirect) and search engines. There are 40 prominent scholars on the editorial board to maintain the journal's academic authority and to discuss the contents. The Journal of Eurasian Studies focuses on Eurasian studies in general, and on the following seven issues in particular: ① national identity, ② political and economic transition, ③ migration issues, ④ energy problems, ⑤ international development and ODA, ⑥ cultural studies, ⑦ history of everyday life.